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EmailMagic is the AI Email Writer that helps you write emails 10x faster. Let it be Your Digital Twin. It Writes Emails Just Like You!


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Let EmailMagic AI write emails 10x faster every day and free up hours of your precious time.
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  • 10 emails per day
  • Languages: English, Spanish and German.
  • Copy originality: medium
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  • 25 emails per day
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  • Copy originality: high
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You have questions, we have answers🧘

We've tried our best to answer your most burning questions below.
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How does EmailMagic AI work?

It works by analyzing your email data and matching your writing style. When replying to a thread, EmailMagic will read the most recent replies so that it can generate the most relevant reply.

Does EmailMagic read my emails?

No, EmailMagic does not read your emails. You can give it some sample email data so that the AI can better imitate your style. When responding to a conversation, EmailMagic will read the most recent messages to gain the necessary context and generate a pertinent response.

How many emails can I send per day?

It depends on your plan. Basic plan: 10 emails per day. Premium plan: 100 emails per day.

How many times can I revise an email with EmailMagic?

You can revise each email up to 5 times with EmailMagic's revision feature. This feature allows you to tell EmailMagic to revise sections of an email or a full email. EmailMagic will then try to develop a different sentence that fits in that space.

Is EmailMagic safe for my privacy?

We believe that everyone has a fundamental right to the privacy of their data and have built the product on that premise. We don't store your personal data and promise never to share, sell, or do anything shady with your data.

Is EmailMagic available for other browsers?

Currently, EmailMagic is only available for Chrome browser.